Resource Library for Troop 121

Below you will find a comprehensive list of all of our resources throughout the Troop’s website. There will be links to navigate to the relevenat pages above the listed resources.

You can also access the Troop’s Google Drive to search through the files by clicking here.

Resources for New Members

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Troop Guidebook
Troop FAQ
Meeting Notes
for Parents
BSA's Website

Typical Troop Meeting Agenda & Office Hours Information
Adult Leader Application (Fillable PDF) SEE INSTRUCTIONS - Bottom of Page
YOUTH Application (Fillable PDF) SEE INSTRUCTIONS - Bottom of Page

Resources for Planning Events

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Event Sign Up
Duty Roster
Meal Planning
Patrol Box Inventory
Event Planning Folder
Event Planning Worksheet
- Adult Chairs
Event Planning Worksheet
- Youth Chair
General Packing List
Backpacking Packing List
Back to Basics Packing List
Summer Camp
Packing List Folder
Canoeing Packing List

Resources for Eagle Candidates

Important*** When you open the BSA Eagle Scout Packet, the document will not load in the browser because the file size is too large. You need to download the packet and open it from your computer to be able to view and edit the packet.

Click here to go to Trail to Eagle

Life to Eagle Scout Resources

BSA Eagle Scout Project Workbook
(Updated 1/28/20)
Must download and open in Adobe
BSA Eagle Rank Application
(Updated 1/28/20)
Must download and open in Adobe
Troop 121
Trail to Eagle Packet
Troop 121
Eagle Project Timeline
Troop 121
Project Timelog
Resources from
our Eagle Scouts

Resources for Training

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[Coming Soon]

Adult Training

Adult Training
Overview Table
Take the Youth
Protection Training
Instructions for
Youth Protection Training
More Resources
Coming Soon

Resources for Leadership Roles/ Responsibilities

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[Coming Soon]

Youth Leadership

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Election Resources

Position Descriptions
Candidate Speech
Absentee Self
Nomination Form
List of Positions with
Duties and Goal Ideas

Position Resources

Goal Sheet
Reference Sheet
Resources by

Work in Progress
More Resources
Coming Soon

Adult Leadership

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[Coming Soon]

Resources for Merit Badges

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Troop 121 Advancement Process Merit Badges & Ranks (Scout to Eagle)
Troop 121's Merit Badge Resources
Additional Materials Beyond Worksheets
(Worksheets in these files are out of date!)

Continuously Adding Materials
Merit Badge Worksheets
BSA's Abridged
Merit Badge Book
REMINDER: BSA Merit Badge Books are available from the Troop 121 Librarian.
If the Troop is missing a Merit Badge Book, we will buy it!

Resources for Rank Advancement

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[Coming Soon]