Merit BadgeCourse DescriptionField Trip(s)Meeting Location (Most of the time)Max Class SizeCostInstructor(s)
ArcheologyArchaeology is the study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts and other physical remains. During this merit badge, we will go beyond Indiana Jones and The Mummy movies to learn about what real archaeologists do and how technology has become as integral to the profession as a trowel and a shovel.We will try to schedule a tour of the Glenn Black Museum of Archaeology at IU, or a trip to Angel Mounds in Evansville or Pioneer Village at Spring Mill State Park on a Saturday.AUMC8TBDGeorge M & Keith S
PotteryIn this Badge you will learn about different clays (the non-scoutmaster type) and different methods of making pottery.  You will have hands on experience in making items out of clay from small sculptures to pots or vessels thrown on the potter’s wheel.  You will experience the full process of making a pot from preparing the clay to firing the finished pot in the kilnPossibly a trip to visit a potters studio.1st Meeting at AUMC – All Others at Boettner’s Home6$0Brad & Tina B
Crime PreventionMonroe Co. JailAUMC8$0George C & Frank F
Game DesignWe will start with examining multiple games in different medium (board games, card games, RPGs, etc.), and how they relate to different themes and terms within the gaming industry. The scouts will play four of the games, and experiment with alternative rules for one. We will also be interviewing the creator of a post apocalyptic tabletop RPG. Finally, the scouts will create their own game, and take it to board game night at one of the local game stores for playtesting. If there is time, we will also look into how game manufacturers use crowd sourcing sites such as Kickstarter to fund their games, and create pitch goal promos for the game. Thursday night or Saturday afternoon trip to local game store for playtestingAUMC5$5Brian W
MedicineThis Merit badge looks at the field of health care, the different career path options, needed training, and specialty areas.Possible trips include IV Tech virtual cadaver lab, EMT training program at IVT tech, or tour new hospital AUMC8$0April J & Lisa C
MetalworkExploring metalwork, jewelry making, and forging.We will have at least one field trip to a working forge.AUMC5$5Erin F & Larry B
Course Descriptions
Class 1 – Merit Badge Class Kickoff9/22/21
Class 210/6/21
Class 310/27/21
Class 411/10/21
Class 511/17/21
Class 6 (Final Class & All Requirements Due for the badge to be awarded at December COH)12/15/21
Course Meeting Schedule