Camp Wisdom

**Originally Published in the March 2017 Troop Newsletter**

One of the quickest ways to become uncomfortable in camp (or school, work, or anywhere) is to have wet feet, which can make you cold, hot, or sore.  The cure to wet feet has two major elements.  The first is your socks and the second is your shoes.  Let’s focus on your socks.  Many folks think their feet become wet from walking through water.  This way is only one way your feet get wet.  The other way is from perspiration.  The simple act of having your foot contained in your shoe causes them to sweat.  Add on physical activity like hiking and your feet really sweat.  If you have ever been able to wring out your socks after a day of hiking, even in dry weather, you understand.  The solution is to wick moisture away from your feet using your socks (and shoe but that’s another article).  Solution – wool socks.  These socks have come a long way from the itchy wool of the past.  These socks are light, soft, and easy to maintain.  Several brands include SmartWool, REI, Darn Tough, and Wigwam.  I own three of the four brands, and think they are all good.  I even use wool dress socks for work (REI brand) and think they are awesome.  Here is a link to two online reviews of wool socks. and  Want to stay dry and comfortable?  Invest in good socks.


Scoutmaster Clay

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