Boy Scout Troop 121

Bloomington, Indiana
Charter Organization Moose Lodge 1081
Fleur Di Lis Icon A Scout is Brave.
A Scout can face danger although he is afraid. He has the courage to stand for what he thinks is right even if others laugh at him or threaten him.


Youth Training

  • Junior Leadership Training:  All scouts with offices that count towards rank advancement are required to attend JLT.  The JLT allows the Scout to earn the "Trained" patch for their position.  Part of the process it to work with a Mentor to develop goals and to follow-up on their progress.  Below are the forms for that purpose.  JLT training occurs twice per year after elections.

    • Mentor / Mentee Topics

      • Position Responsibilities

      • Role within the group

      • Goal setting (one time)

      • Goal setting (repeating)

      • Action Plan to achieve goals

      • Follow Through

      • Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) attendance

  • White Stag Nationally Accredited Youth Leadership Course:  Young Men all over the United States reach and learn Leadership Skills that prepare them for not only Scouting, but their futures as well.

    • Scout must be at least First Class Rank and 13 years of age

Parent Training

A troop is only as successful if it has the involvements of its parents.  The Boy Scouts is very specific on it training requirements to be an involved adult leader.  In order to maintain our charter all adult leaders must be trained for their position.  The base level of training is the Troop Committee Member.  (See the Troop committee page for more info on responsibilities).  Training requirements for Troop Committee can all be done online through the BSA website.  You will need an ID card with your number in order to get credit for the classes.  Click on the links below to take the course and when complete bring your certificate to Kevin Hawkins.

Required Classes for Troop committee :