Boy Scout Troop 121

Bloomington, Indiana
Charter Organization Moose Lodge 1081






2009 Philmont Crew


Prep Plan






1.        The dates are August 5, 2014 through August 19, 2014.  These dates were set by Philmont in the attendance lottery.  We have been assigned two crews, so we will have to divide up into two separate groups once we arrive at Philmont.

  2.        The cost for Philmont will be APPROXIMATELY $1,200.00.  This covers the event, insurance, food, and travel.  This cost DOES NOT include new gear.  You will need a high quality backpack, boots, and other backpacking gear.  You have time to raise the money, but you must plan accordingly.

3.       The payment schedule is driven by when the payments are due to Philmont.  The payments will be due:

a.       February 20, 2013            $100
September 4, 2013          $400
January 8, 2014                 $400
March 5, 2014                    $300

4.       Age Requirements – Youth must be 14 years old on the DATE OF ARRIVAL or must be 13 and finished the 8th grade.

5.       Wilderness 1st Aid – We have two crews going and each crew must have TWO trained members.  This requirement is a change from last time.

6.       Physical Fitness – ALL PARTICIPANTS must meet the physical fitness requirements.  This is the section from the email they sent me:

 a. "Philmont strictly enforces height/weight requirements to improve the health and safety of participants.  Basically, a participant’s weight must be proportioned to their height. “

b.      The physical requirements for Philmont can be found on the following link:  Philmont will send you home if you don’t meet the requirements.  I have personally watched them send home both youth and adults with no refund.  It is your responsibility to make sure you meet these requirements.

7.       At this point we have more youth and adults who want to attend than we have spaces to attend.  We have a max of 16 youth and 8 adults.  If you know that you cannot meet the date, financial, or physical requirements, please let me know so I can remove your name from the list.

8.       I have developed this year’s calendar to prepare us for Philmont next year.  I strongly recommend that you attend as many of the hikes as possible.  I also strongly recommend attending the Appalachian Trail event in June at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.   As the past Philmont crew will tell you, preparation is key to having a successful trip.  Ultimately it is my responsibility to take a well prepared crew to Philmont.  If you don’t prepare, I won’t take you into the back country.  You will be a risk to yourself and a liability to your crew.  Philmont isn’t like other trips.  You are days away from medical help at some points.  This fact is part of what makes Philmont the premier scouting experience.  Wilderness.  

I am looking forward to the trip!

Prep Plan

Prep Events

  • March 3rd Hike

  • March 22nd - 24th Backpacking weekend.  Mandatory for AT Crew

  • April 7th Hike

  • June 19th - 23rd Applachian Trail Hike.  Mandatory for Philmont Crew

  • October 13th Hike

  • November 10th Hike



 Philmont Scout Ranch

Appachian Trail Conservancy

Great Smokey Mountains National Park