Boy Scout Troop 121

Bloomington, Indiana
Charter Organization Moose Lodge 1081
Fleur Di Lis Icon A Scout is Helpful.
A Scout cares about other people. He willingly volunteers to help others without expecting payment or reward.


New Members


This page is for new parents and scouts to get familiar with Troop 121 and what we are about.  Please take the time to review this website.  It is a good starting point for information.  Also you should have already received a copy of the Troop Guidebook.  A copy can be found on the Members/Calendar page if you lost it. 

  • Organization
    • Patrols:  Troop121 is made up of 4 patrols, Wolverines, Moose, Eagles and Dragons.  Each patrol has its own Patrol leader and assistant patrol leader.  They should by your sons first contact for questions.  To get a list of patrol members and contact info go to the Members/Calendar page for the current phone list.  You will need to get the user and password info from the troop.
    • wolverine_patch_color.gif moose_patch_color.gif eagle_patch_color.gif dragon_patch_color.gif
    • Troop Committee:  The Troop Committee is responsible for the approving the finances, curriculum and adult volunteers of the troop (like a board of trustees).  All parents are encouraged to attend and participate in Troop Committee meetings.  They are the first Wednesday of each month from 6-7pm.
    • Patrol Leaders Council:  The PLC is made up of all scouts with an elected office except for the assistant patrol leaders.  They meet each month on the 4th Wednesday from 6:15-7pm.  The PLC is responsible for planning the activities of he Troop.
    • Scout Master:  Clay Slaughter is our Scout Master.  His responsibility is to lead the troop.
    • Friends of Troop121: Is our new fundraising arm of the troop.  This group is still in the formation stages.  They are run separately from the troop and have their own Board of Directors.
  • Earning Ranks
    • Each scout that crosses over from Webelos should have earned the Arrow of Light.  This will allow them to start at the rank of Scout.  If a Scout is new to scouting he will first need to earn the Scout rank.  Rank information can be found on the Ranks page. 
    • Different from Webelos is that all certification of rank achievement is done by the troop not by the Scouts parents.  An adult other than the scouts parents is needed to sign off on each activity.  Once all the activities for a rank are achieved the Scout needs to schedule a Scoutmaster Conference with Clay.  After that he needs to have a Board of Review by 3 Adults.  Both of these usually can be accomplished in the same evening.
    • Issue of Rank:  The troop holds a Court of Honor 4 times a year to award Ranks and Merit Badges. While the scout has earned his rank after board of review he will not receive his patch till Court of Honor. 
  • Uniform 
    • We expect all scouts to attend meeting in proper uniform.  A uniform shirt is expected to be worn within the first month of joining the troop.  The balance is expected within the first year.  Proper uniform consists of Scout Shirt with appropriate insignia (the troop has most of the insignia in stock or go to the scout store located on the East side of Bloomington), Scout pants, socks and Scout belt (some of the pants come complete with the belt).  Troop 121 does not wear a scarf but for Class A (dress occasions) we require a bolo.  If you are unable to afford the uniform expenses please see Clay for assistance.
  • Activities
    • All attendance in scout activities must be signed up for in advance.  Posted on the wall are clipboards to sign up for activities.  A list of upcoming activities will be discussed at the end of each meeting.  Parents are encouraged to come in at the end of the meeting so that they are aware of what is coming up.
    • Meal purchases;  Scouts are responsible for planning, purchasing and cooking their own meals.  For each event the patrol will select an individual to purchase the food.  The budget for this is $10 per scout.  Please submit your receipts to the treasurer for reimbursement.  Please facilitate this by helping your son make the purchases.  But is should be his responsibility to make sure we stay in budget.  If for any reason you are unable to make the purchases make sure your son contacts his Patrol Leader.
    • No cell phones or electronics should be taken by Scouts on any outing.