Troop 121 Library

These are the merit badge books Troop 121 has. Please contact the troop librarian to check out books.
Click on a book's cover image to go to page for merit badge details.

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Name of book Cover Eagle required?
Animal Science Animal Science No
Astronomy Astronomy No
Archery Archery No
Aviation Aviation No
Backpacking Backpacking No
Basketry Basketry No
Camping Camping Yes
Canoeing Canoeing No
Cinematography Cinematography No
Citizenship in the Community Citizenship in the Community Yes
Citizenship in the Nation Citizenship in the Nation Yes
Citizenship in the World Citizenship in the World Yes
Cooking Cooking Yes
Cycling Cycling Yes*
Disabilities Awarness Disabilities Awareness No
Electricity Electricity No
Electronics Electronics No
Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship No
Environmental Science Enviromental Science Yes*
Farm Mechanics Farm Mechanics No
Fingerprinting Fingerprinting No
First Aid First aid Yes
Fish and Wildlife Management Fish and Wildlife management No
Forestry Forestry No
Genealogy Genealogy No
Geology Geology No
Golf Golf No
Graphic Arts Graphic arts No
Indian Lore Indian lore No
Leatherwork Leatherwork No
Lifesaving Lifesaving Yes
Mammal Study Mammal study No
Oceanography Oceanography No
Personal Fitness Personal Fitness Yes
Personal Management Personal Management Yes
Photography Photography No
Pioneering Pioneering No
Plant Science Plant science No
Reading Reading No
Radio Radio No
Rifle Shooting Rifle Shooting No
Shotgun Shooting Shotgun Shooting No
Small-boat Sailing Small-boat sailing No
Space Exploration Space exploration No
Swimming swimming Yes*
Theater Theater No
Truck Transportation Truck transporation No
Water Sports Water Sports No
Welding Welding No
Wilderness Survival Wilderness Survival No

*Another merit badge may be done instead, i.e, Hiking instead of Cycling.