Boy Scout Troop 121

Bloomington, Indiana
Charter Organization Moose Lodge 1081
Tyler's Eagle Project

May 7, 2017

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Scout Mission... 

      "May we make this place in all earnestness to all those who will use this book - that you keep in mind that Scouting itself is very simple.  It will help greatly if you look upon the organization and machinery of Scouting only as  a means to an end.  Scouting is a simple, joyous game based on certain fundamentals.  Therefore, don't be over concerned with the technicalities of Scouting overhead organization.  After all, their only purpose is to make it possible for you to do your job as a Scoutmaster.  Don't be over concerned about all the different phases of the Scout Program which are optional.  We must place emphasis on the simple fundamentals, the Scout Oath, the Scout Law, those things which are essential in building up the spirit and the character of the boy.  After all, our primary concern must be the outcomes that follow from the experiences which a boy has in his participation in the Troop because of the leadership of the Scoutmaster.  Will the boy, as a man, have the attitude of mind that insures the unselfish desire to cooperate and to serve as a socially-minded participating citizen."  

From the Handbook for Scoutmasters © 1945 Boy Scouts of America

Our Boys

A troop is about the boys.  "In Scouting, boys learn through the experiences of camping, hiking, building projects and community service. These experiences allow boys to grow and mature at their own pace. And, it is the results of these experiences that cause one father to say, “There are things learned in Scouting which a boy cannot readily pick up elsewhere.” It is also through these experiences that parents and sons get an opportunity to share and talk about their thoughts, feelings, goals, and values."   © 2006 Boy Scouts of America

Molded by Clay

Every great troop needs a great leader.  One who believes in the Boys and teaches them the skills to succeed.  Ours is Clay Slaughter.  He continually seems to motivate and teach the skills that will allow them succeed in life.  He tirelessly gives his time to make sure the boys time in scouting as memorable as possible./

Our Troop Committee

But a great scout master is only as good as the support he gets from the parents.  We are also blessed with an great active group of parents. Learn more what the Troop Committee is doing by going to the Troop Committee page.